Virtual Marketing Department

Just when you think you’ve got on top of managing your marketing, somebody goes and changes the rules yet again, meaning more time spent learning, experimenting, refining and then doing it all over again. All when it’s not really your expertise anyway!

Do you prefer not to manage website content? What about email marketing? Do you plan to engage in social media? Are you going to advertise with relevant publications? How can I improve our prominence on search engines? And how do I best measure results?
These are just some of the questions small business operators face when it comes to the ongoing management of their marketing.

Luckily help is here and it’s convenient and affordable!

The E Team can provide all the marketing help you need quickly and professionally.

We have combined decades of marketing and communications experience as engaged by the likes of Telstra, Sensis, Coles Myer Group, Target Australia, Black and Decker, Dept of Employment, Education and Training but hundreds of small businesses too.

Available in two convenient packages - Pre-Paid Marketing Support (PDF Download) and a Monthly Account.

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