Knowledge Base

  • Do you help clients work through aspects of their website marketing? eg. For Niche market larger ticket items, does it make sense to have prices online or does this just give competitors inside info???

    Yes we are essentially 'eMarketers' who look after the gamut of an organisation's eMarketing requirements. 

    To answer the other part of your question, I would advocate publishing prices because (as I have written about recently on Closing Sales Online) today's online browser demands immediate gratification and if you dont provide it your competitors will. 

    Organisations who do this simply need to get into the habit of updating their website to reflect latest changes which requires a good Content Management System, all of which we can assist with. 

    As for letting competitors in, this is going to be an occupational hazard. So you need to choose between your customer and your competitor on this one.

    For mine I'd publish the prices otherwise you will be assisting competitors by allowing them to close the sale ahead of you

  • Do you offer help with internet connection or is prior connection assumed???

    Thank you for your query. 

    We could do that but would be uneconomical for us both! A good Internet Service Provider could do that for you.  

    We use Optus who we are very happy with. 

    Once that is established, we can help with any of your website and eBusiness requirements. 

    Please let me know if you need further information.

  • Given you resell third party solutions, aren't you more expensive than going to a solutions provider direct???

    Quite the contrary.  

    We never charge more than the provider charges direct.  

    What's more, we provide you with a range of services that third party providers can't to assist you along your eBusiness journey at affordable rates.

  • Is the information on your website current???

    Yes, we update our website weekly. 

    We ensure the most recent information and details are displayed for our clients and visitors.

  • What are the benefits of using The E Team, rather than a normal website developer???

    The E Team is a new kind of business in this country. 

    We are not traditional website developers - which can be very expensive, and we are not service providers or graphic designers. Instead, we are independent experts who consult with you to find the best match of available solutions and your business needs. 

    This saves you thousands of dollars, and provides you with the ability to manage your own website and marketing database.